Change Log

Unreleased (0.8.0) - unnamed v8

0.7.0 - Extension Modules, Snapshots, Artifacts v7

The release includes extension modules, support for snapshot writing, and major fixes for concurrency issues. The update to to GraalVM 19 should eventually bring Windows support.

For more reproducible research, SOMns comes now with a maintained artifact setup out of the box.

New Features

Concurrency Issues

General Maintenance

Bug Fixes

0.6.0 - Black Diamonds v6

The main goal of this release was to move more common code to the Black Diamonds project. However, since this took a long time, many other changes and improvements accumulated.

One of the most important changes for users is support for Java 9 and 10, which simplifies using SOMns drastically, because users do not need a custom Java 8 VM any longer.

Another important user-facing change is the inclusion of our documentation into the repository and its deployment to

Black Diamonds

Major Improvements

Added Benchmarks

New Interpreter Tooling

General Maintenance

Bug Fixes

0.5.0 - More Newspeak v5

The main focus of this release is to improve compliance with the Newspeak specification. Specifically, we added various language features to the parser to be able to parse the Newspeak benchmarks and main repository with only minor changes.

Newspeak Compatibility Improvements

Changes for Development Setup

General Maintenance

0.4.0 - Concurrency-Agnostic Debugger

This release introduces concurrency-agnostic debugging based on Kómpos. It is realized by using a debugger protocol that abstracts from concurrency concepts and instead uses a uniform representation and meta data that instructs Kómpos how to understand and visualize breakpoints, stepping operations, and data visualization

Other Enhancements

0.3.0 - 2017-04-06 <Programming>'17 Demo

Features for the Demo

General Maintenance

0.2.0 - 2017-03-07 Extended Concurrency Support

Concurrency Support

Interpreter Improvements

0.1.0 - 2016-12-15

This is the first tagged version. For previous changes, please refer to the pull requests from around that time.